I now opened my online shop with signed photos first. More items are planned including a calendar for 2022 and single shoots you can order. Also items I have on my Amazon Wishlist will be shown.

Merry Christmas everyone! My Xmas or Latexmas if you will, I celebrate in my shiny suit with some beautiful and decorative accessories. I guess the corset I have to get off before the huge, not model-like feeding starts. 😂

With the plans for my future as a model in latex, collared and in bondage as well as cosplay outfits I wanted my own name in a logo. The first step to build a brand and to be recognized by a repeating branding and watermark.

Yay!! I got a collaboration with a startup company Raymond helped to grow fast and that now supports me by lending me collars and cuffs. I really love them!

My first shoot in public, between the Rhine and tall buildings. Directly after my first shoot, I wanted to go out in this fancy outfit and show myself to the world. The corset got lanced tighter and I had the first time high heels which

I love being outdoor in latex already and showing myself collared. I leave it to the imagination of the public what it means but I'm proud of wearing it every day now.

It was a great experience to work with a model that knows what she does and does that for more than 11 years already. It's Alexandra Potter, I am talking about. She really knows the model work and with her special talent to walk on

24 hours locked up in latex, laced up tight in a corset, and forced to sleep in it. For what? To challenge me and get a full impression on how it is to wear latex, a collar, and a corset for an extended period.

Today I had my first latex shoot in my life. I got dressed up in anthracite latex from neck to feet in a catsuit with a neck entry system. I haven't tried anything else yet but it was very comfortable.